Data-science analytic technology increases ad visibility

How evolution biologically influences innovation and technology in the digital age.

Boost is an emerging predictive data-science analytic technology.

Technology increases ad visibility and viewability predicting if consumers will see core ad images and messages in the first critical milliseconds.

Analytics use unprecedented data captured from human evolution, where consumer behavior and consumer insights biologically began.

The science of how biological algorithm problem-solving networks and survival instincts subconsciously drive buying decisions.

Analytics transform data from these biological algorithmic problem-solving networks into real-time cognitive consumer insights.

bar graph with arrow to show increased sales and revenue from ads
Four biological consumer survival instincts, subconsciously respond in the first milliseconds viewing ads:

  • Eye fixation
  • Instant gratification
  • Social bonding
  • The powerful subconscious, mind

Instant gratification and social bonding are the most powerful survival instincts that evolved from problem solving networks that can increase ad visibility and viewability up to 10%.

BOOST™ technology predicts if your core ad message is being seen in the first critical milliseconds.


Specific biologically-inspired salient objects designed into ads can trigger eye fixations in the first milliseconds of consumer ad viewing.


Primitive brain algorithms that evolved as survival instincts use those eye fixation responses to control subconscious decision making.


Brain algorithms result in a cascade of positive emotion and the release of dopamine, which leads to positive buying decisions.


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