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Our analytic experts analyze your ads using data science technology and neuroscience.

You’ll receive their highly specialized report detailing key insights how biological salient objects strategically placed in ad images and fonts will increase ad visibility in the first milliseconds.

Your report is delivered within 24-36 hours.

Analytics measures the biological connections in ad images, font style and content in video ads frame by frame and all static ads on a scale of 20% to 100%.

Reports identify ad images and text font styles with high enough levels of specific salient objects to increase ad visibility.

Reports identify ad image and content with high enough levels of instant gratification and social bonding to trigger buying decisions.

Video ad frame anaysis

Video still credit: Pepsi Cola Company. Note: We were not hired by Pepsi, but ran this video ad frame-by-frame through our analysis to show how each element achieves better ad engagement for Pepsi.

We deliver solutions to increase your ad visibility

Effective on video ads frame-by-frame, static advertising mediums, mobile, digital & websites

Solutions provided for your creatives to implement

Your team will learn how to combine art and science to connect ad images, color contrast, contour shape, facial expressions, salient objects, font type, and content with the four biological connections in all static display ads and video ads.




Implementing the suggested changes to your ads, will trigger 95% of positive buying decisions in the first critical milliseconds.


Note: we were not hired by these brands, but used these as an example of how our analysis and report will help you achieve better ad engagement.

Why are these iconic brands so successful in customer retention?

USA iconic brand logos
​They contain specific biologically inspired salient objects that trigger eye fixation and subconsciously communicate instant gratification and social bonding.

We ran the following brand ads through our analytics technology

Analytics apply salient-object recognition science to detect if ad images and messages will trigger eye fixation and emotionally connect with the consumer’s subconscious survival instincts.

It discovered the strong salient objects, instant gratification and social bonding in these ads is what made them successful.

Highlighted in red are specific biologically inspired salient objects as seen in these ad images, fonts and messages that trigger eye fixation, safety, reward, subconscious subliminal social connection and buying decision.

Miss Dior print ad
eye tracking study of a brand print ad creative for consumer engagement

Dior ad analytics detected what consumer eyes would fixate on first. Specific salient objects in the “Miss Dior” font style, the outer edges of the flower and the facial instant-reward expression from the Dior product.

Corona beer advertisement creative elements for sucess
Heat tracking and interest by consumer on an object

Corona beer ad analytics detected a strong social connection, specific salient objects in the bottle shape, the bright color contrast that consumer eyes would fixate on first and the empty bottle that communicates instant-rewards.

Implementing our suggested changes to your ads will trigger positive buying decisions in the first milliseconds of viewing your ads

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